Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions


Barrier Nets & Safety Nets

Designed for Maximum Safety

Stroud can custom design and engineer a barrier or restraint net system to meet your most stringent requirements. Multiple webbing materials are available in a variety of widths, and are triple sewn for maximum strength and durability. Choose from a range of standard and custom color choices.


Stroud Industrial Safety orange barrier net

Barrier net red, yellow, and black color options


Safety Barrier Net

This custom engineered, 38" x 36" safety barrier net was designed for a N3114 Narrow Vane Roof Bolter.

Stroud 36x36 safety barrier net for N3114 Narrow Vane Roof Bolter Stroud 36x36 safety barrier net for N3114 Narrow Vane Roof Bolter


Dragstrip Catch Net Engineering

For years, Stroud has manufactured window and door restraint netting for a variety of motorsports applications where lives depend on it. Stroud Catch-Net systems are in use at dragstrips across the nation and land speed venues like the Bonneville Salt Flats.

In this example, steel cables attach the net to massive concrete blocks that pivot and then drag at impact. This stops the vehicle quickly, but in a progressive manner to limit the severity of impact on the driver.

Barrier net at the end of road track Barrier net and routing post Barrier net cable routing Barrier net and concrete counterweight detail Barrier net and concrete counterweight