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Stroud Blower Restraint

Machine Guarding and Ballistic Containment

Available in Kevlar and Ballistic Nylon, these blankets are custom designed and engineered with fitments and straps for your equipment containment requirements. Our products are field-proven to effectively contain projected debris that results from catastrophic equipment failure.

Custom Designed

Your blanket will be custom designed with the materials appropriate for your specifications. Straps and fasteners will be incorporated for maximum security while providing easy access to the machinery for maintenance or repair.

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Blower damage containment Blower damage containment Blower damage containment

At a customer facility, a cast metal blower fan began to deteriorate during operation at high rpm. Jagged shards of metal destroyed the blower housing. The Stroud Ballistic Blanket that was in place during this catastrophe, successfully contained the shrapnel. Injury to personnel and damage to other equipment was prevented.