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Stroud personalized customer service is second to none. Most of our products are custom designed to your specific needs and requirements for reliability and proper fit the first time.


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Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions designs and manufactures high quality, innovative, and proven safety equipment that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for the workplace. Our safety solutions protect your employees and equipment with products that inspire confidence and productivity.

From our popular ballistic containment blast blankets to barrier netting, safety restraints, fire suppression systems and safety apparel, we have the products that you can rely on.



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Stroud Safety's Heritage

Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions is a division of Stroud Safety, Inc. Founded over 30 years ago by Bob Stroud, Army Special Forces member and degreed engineer from Oklahoma State University, the company designed and manufactured drag chutes for the performance racing industry. The successful company soon expanded into the design of other quality racing safety products including multi-point seat restraints, transmission and engine ballistic containment blankets, fire suppression systems, window and barrier nets, and fire safety apparel. In common with all of these products was Stroud’s commitment to the safety of the competitor in this dangerous sport. With customers around the world, Stroud Safety continues to be recognized as one of the leaders in this specialized industry.

Most Stroud Products are made in the USA.

Stroud ASSE booth


Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions displays products at the 2017 ASSE show in Denver.

The Stroud Industrial booth was well received at the ASSE show. It was a great opportunity to meet with current and potential customers about their product offerings.

Custom ballistic blanket

Paper & Corrugated Industry

Custom Ballistic Blankets

Available in Kevlar and ballistic nylon, and designed with fitments and straps for your equipment containment requirements. Our products are field-proven to effectively contain projected debris that results from catastrophic equipment failure.



Video: How to measure for a ballistic blanket

This helpful video provides step-by-step instructions on how to measure centrifugal and regenerative blowers for a custom ballistic blanket.

PDFs: How to measure for a ballistic blanket

These printable documents provide measurement steps for custom ballistic blankets for centrifugal and regenerative blowers.

Fracking blanket

Oil & Gas

Ballistic Blanket for Fracking Testing Platform

Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions recently designed a custom ballistic containment solution for an oil field fracking pressure testing platform at a major university. This platform not only required a design solution for maximum safety and secure attachment, but with pressures reaching over 300,000 psi, the ballistic integrity of the blanket was of paramount importance.

Fracking blanket

Fracking blanket

Barrier & Safety Nets

Uncompromising Design for Maximum Safety

Stroud can custom design and engineer a barrier or restraint net system to meet your most stringent requirements. Multiple webbing materials are available in a variety of widths and triple sewn for maximum strength and durability.

Monster truck

Monster Trucks

Official Supplier of Pinion and Rotator Blankets

Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions is the official supplier of pinion and rotator blankets for the famous Feld Monster Jam series. Monster truck drive-line components are subject to tremendous forces and a safety solution was needed to contain these components in the event of a failure. These blankets are required by all competitors in the Monster Jam series.



Video: How to measure for a pinion and rotator ballistic blanket

This helpful video provides step-by-step instructions on how to measure pinion and rotator assemblies for a custom ballistic blanket.

PDFs: How to measure for a pinion and rotator ballistic blanket

This printable document provides measurement steps for custom ballistic blankets for pinion and rotator drive-line assemblies.