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Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions provides high quality, innovative, and proven equipment that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for the workplace. Most products are designed and manufactured in house at our Oklahoma facility to provide your employees with safety equipment that inspires confidence and productivity.

Safety, Health, and Environmental engineers and professionals appreciate that we specialize in custom applications for safety restraints and netting, ballistic and machinery containment blankets, fire suppression, and employee safety apparel.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a custom solution for your special needs and requirements.

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How to Measure for a Custom Centrifugal or Regenerative Industrial Blower Ballistic Blanket.

Centrifugal Blower Measurement Instructions Induction Blower Measurement Instructions

To measure for blankets for centrifugal blowers, download the measurment instruction form here. To measure for blankets for industrial blowers, download the measurement instruction form here.

Stroud is the Official Supplier of Pinion and Rotator Containment Blankets for the Feld Monster Jam.

Monster Truck Pinion and Rotator Blanket Measuring Instructions

To measure for blankets for non-standard Feld pinion and rotator assemblies, download the measurment instruction form here or click on the thumbnail to the left.

Stroud Custom Ballistic Blanket Designed for University Fracking Testing Platform!

Stroud Industrial Safety Fracking Blanket Stroud Industrial Safety Fracking Blanket Detail

Stroud Safety designed a custom ballistic containment solution for an oil field fracking pressure testing platform. This platform required a design solution for maximum safety and secure attachment. With pressures reaching over 300,000 psi, the ballistic integrity of the blanket was of paramount importance.

This Stroud ballistic blanket exceeded the customer’s requirements and containment specifications. It also incorporated convenient panels that can be opened without removing the entire blanket for access to data measurement probes.

Under the Sea! Stroud Safety is the Official Supplier of Safety Harnesses for DeepFlight Submarines!

As a manufacturer of one of the most innovative personal submarines in world, DeepFlight chooses Stroud Safety for the harnesses in these unique and specialized water craft. For more info on DeepFlight products, check them out at